Our Company

G&B Real Estate Advisors acts as the managing general partner for limited partnerships providing equity for the purchase of carefully selected residential real estate properties and as a consultant and asset manager to property owners and financial institutions for real estate assets in need of debt restructuring, repositioning and development.

With over of seventy years of experience with residential real estate throughout the United States, its senior managing partners utilize strategic relationships with developers, builders, and bank lending personnel to identify projects meeting specific criteria and offering the greatest prospects for success.

Selection of Underlying Real Estate

Properties selected are located in developments with a high likelihood of market improvement within twenty-four months of acquisition, as well as improved properties in need of repositioning, moderate rehabilitation and improved management.  Working hand in hand with local developers, builders, and lenders we seek only those properties with development entitlements in place, partial or all infrastructure and utilities completed, amenities available and, in most cases, fully developed lots ready for immediate sale to public and private building companies.

Underwriting Process and Investment Criteria

For our funds, proposed development projects must meet certain pre-conditions or criteria before being considered, including the following:

Investment Size and Structure:  We typically seek development projects that require commitments from our funds in the $2.5 – $10.0 million range.  Investments will typically be financed on an “all cash” basis with no senior financing.  We believe that this capital structure provides the most flexibility and downside protection; and as economic conditions in the United State improve and credit becomes more widely available, we will be in a position to supply a prudent amount of leverage to the individual properties which could increase investment returns.

Investment Period:  In the case of development projects, return of capital is typically sought within two to five years of initial investment, with complete project build-out expected within three to six years.  Occasionally, we undertake longer-term transactions which have the potential to offer above-target risk-adjusted returns.

Returns and Underwriting Standards:  Investments are generally made by our funds only in development projects we anticipate having sufficient margin on cost to absorb reasonable variations in the business plan.

Caliber of Developers:  In selecting our funds’ transactions, the reputation, integrity, experience and competence of the developer (or operating partner) is a primary determining factor in our underwriting process. 

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